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As a Gold Coast client, you and your family can take advantage of a full array of investment advisory services, including:

  • Investment Strategy Development - the foundation of our working relationship, designed to address your specific financial goals and needs
  • Asset Allocation Planning - we can help you navigate the complexities of allocating your assets
  • Money Manager Review and Selection- we will work with your existing money managers or help you review and select new money managers based on how well their style and performance match your needs and expectations
  • Custody Services - provided by Fidelity Investments to assure the safety and security of your money
  • Integration of Business Interests - we will make sure that your overall investment strategy is compatible with all of your business interests
  • Planning for Major Assets - we can help you plan for the acquisition and disposition of major assets, including businesses, and hedging or diversifying concentrated and/or low tax basis equity positions.
  • Integration in Tax and Estate Planning - we can keep you aware of the tax implications of all wealth management activities and also assist you in estate planning
  • Investment Banking Services - for entrepreneurial clients, this may involve monetizing a family business to allow for retirement, or the injection of capital to fuel faster business growth, or both
  • Private Equity Opportunities - we can provide access to or help arrange for investment opportunities that are not available to the public. We can also review and advise on private equity opportunities that you are considering as part of your investment strategy.


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